The apartments Finca la Cruz are rented by the owners, Jos van Rein and Paulien Haar (from now on called “hirer(s)”) to holiday-guests (from now on called “clients”).
Booking inquiries are made by e-mail, phone, fax or at the location. The client obliges her/himself after accepting the received written offer, to pay an account of (max) 25 % of the total renting sum in the bank-account, mentioned in the received booking confirmation in the time space of 7 days. Once this payment has been credited in our bank- account, the client will receive notice and the booking is binding on both sides. The remaining sum is to be paid in cash on arrival, before transfer of the keys of the accommodation. Money transfer fees (own or external) are to the total debit of the client.


accommodation: The transfer of the agreed accommodation will take place at the agreed day and time. In case of non availability of the accommodation the hirers oblige themselves to come up with a similar accommodation.
For stays longer than 3 weeks, an intermediate cleaning will take place every 2 weeks, price 75% of the final cleaning price

Compensation terms

  • up to 30 days before start of the rental 25 % of the total rental sum
  • 29 up to 14 days before start of the rental 50 % of the total rental sum
  • 14 on before start of the rental 80 % of the total rental sum

Obligations by the client

The client has to inform the hirer (or manager) immediately, that is in the time space of 24 hours, about defects or damage to the accommodation or its continence, in order to insure instant repair. Subsequent complaints can not be taken into consideration. Damages, caused by irresponsible or imprudent behaviour of the client are to be communicated immediately to the hirer (or manager). The client will be held responsible for the costs leading from repair or substitution of the damage.

Legal domicile

Possible damages claims of the client are to be addressed to the owner (or manager). Place of performance and legal domicile is Los Llanos of La Palma.

Questions, remarks and ideas

If you have questions, remarks, comments or ideas, don’t hesitate contacting us at: moc.zurcal-acnifobfsctd@ofni

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